Reflect is a mood diary app prototype that is designed for users struggling to maintain their emotional wellness. The app allows users to track their emotional health by providing a space to log their mood and write entries about their current well-being. All entries are saved in an easily accessible archive, where the user is able to look back, give a fresh perspective to their emotional habits, make personal discoveries, and facilitate progress towards emotional wellness.
Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Invision
The sign up screen prompts the user to select certain goals they want to accomplish through the app by selecting what kind of emotions they are trying to manage.
When the user signs into the app, they are greeted by a friendly home screen, personalized with the user's first name. The user is able to use the home screen as their navigation as well, to guide them through the three main features of the app.
The user is able to insert their current mood by choosing from the scale, as well as titling their mood.
The user is able to create journal entries in order to vent about their day, or how they are feeling. The entry is saved into the archive, making it so the user is able to reflect on it later.
All journal entries are saved within an archive that can be viewed weekly, monthly, and yearly, allowing the user to easily maneuver throughout their journal history.
The reflect feature generates a past entry in which the user can read and digest with a fresh perspective. Reflecting is a critical part of the app in order to help the user reconsider how they deal with their emotions.
After reading the past journal entry, the app will prompt a question to the user in order to allow for critical thought and contemplation. The user is able to write insights and enter it into the app, which permanently stores all the insights so that the user can look back on them at any time.

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