CMD Community Connected
Design Research Project
4 weeks
Facilitator, Concept Ideation, Notetaker, Research, UX, Prototyping + Testing
Design Challenge
The Center of Media & Design at Santa Monica College currently lacks a strong community. The main plaza is mostly empty, and the walls around campus are blank. Students have large gaps between classes and end up spending a majority of their time on campus, so our stakeholders tasked our team with finding a way to make a better community experience for students. 
Our team decided to implement a community board, half cork board half whiteboard, where students could put up flyers and events on one side and answer a "Question of the Week" on the other side. Our goal with the board was to engage students and inform them about what's going on in their community, as well as give them a space to express themselves and relate to other students. Please click the full case study linked above to see our design process!

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