A Sticker to Success
Design Research Project
5 weeks
Facilitator, Concept Ideation, Research, UX, Prototyping and Testing, Visual Design
Design Challenge
A new Student Services Center is opening Spring 2019 at Santa Monica College, and the faculty overseeing the new building tasked us with designing a way to create community around it, as well as promote the new building. The new building will house all the resources offered to students on campus. We decided we wanted to provide information to students in a fun and engaging way.
Our team came up with the idea of implementing various posters around campus, each poster advertising a different resource offered at the Student Services Center. We wanted to make the experience more interactive, so we added a box under the posters full of colorful stickers with information such as office location on them. Our goal was for students to feel informed about resources, as well as motivated to make use of them and visit the new building. Please click the full case study linked above to see our design process!

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